Leadership Live

Danielle Hartman
Leadership Fellow
Springfield, IL Jaycees

Go Before You Are Ready


Hello! My name is Danielle Hartman and I am proud to be a member of the Springfield, Illinois Jaycees. I also have the great fortune to be a member of the inaugural cohort of the JCI Leadership Fellows Program.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a moto that we learned in the Fellows Program, “Go before you are ready.” This statement has pushed our group to grow and challenge ourselves. For example, at the October Annual Meeting, two of our fellows shared their Jaycees stories during the morning show. Since then, all of our fellows have presented at their state convention, chapter meetings, and state board meetings! Public speaking has pushed the fellows outside of our comfort zone and it has been a wonderful growing experience.

I love the Jaycees because this organization encourages members to become strong leaders. Through our chapter projects, state conventions, national conventions, and world congress we have the opportunity to network with Jaycees, learn from great leaders, and develop new skills. All of these things ask you to “Go before you are ready.”  

This year I have the opportunity to serve as president of my local chapter. Initially, I was uncertain if I would be able to take on this role. I kept asking myself, if I was really ready to serve as chapter president. I doubted my experience and I did not fully believe in myself. The way I saw it, I had two options, let my self-doubt hold me back or go before I was 100% ready believing it would be a great year. So I did it. I ran for chapter president and I was elected!  My fears of not being ready to serve have diminished. I am so fortunate to have a great board full of fresh ideas, passion, and experience. Together, I know we are ready to take on 2019. I’m so glad I decided to go before I was ready!

Is there someone you would like to network with but are you are nervous to walk up to, “Go before you are ready.”  Meet them. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by because of your nervous. You’ve got this!

When you find yourself at a project or convention and you are scared to speak up, “Go before you are ready.”  You have something to say and you want everyone to hear it. And we want to hear what you have to say!

When you are torn about running for a project in your chapter, “Go before you are ready.”  Your ideas could move your chapter in a new direction.

Are you thinking about applying for a new job but uncertain if you meet all the qualification, “Go before you are ready.”  The Jaycees have helped you build the skills to use in that new job.

You have all the potential to be your best. Remind yourself to “Go before you are ready” and you will go far!  2019 brings new possibilities for all of us. If every Jaycee applies this motto, even to just one thing this year, can you imagine how much our organization could grow and change?