2020 Officers


2020 National President

When asked about what he does for a living, Justin tells people “I make ideas become a reality.” A graduate
of Montana State University’s graphic arts program, Justin has spent his career creating unique pieces that tell a story in a beautiful and often unexpected way. His eye for the extraordinary supports his professional endeavors as the Owner/Creative Director of WUTZpossible.

Justin’s extensive Jaycee career began as one of the founding members of the Billings Jaycees in 2009. Already a vibrant and energetic professional within the community, he saw the need for new opportunities, networking and mentorship for young professionals in his community. Living by the motto “Make Your Own Luck,” Justin served as the Billings Jaycees Marketing VP and Membership VP (2009-2010), Billings Jaycees President (2011), Montana Jaycees Secretary/Newsletter Editor (2012), Montana Jaycees President (2013), Montana Jaycees Chairman of the Board and JCI USA National Program Manager for Shoot for Success (2014)… [Read more]


2020 Deputy National President

Jay Johnson joined JCI in 2009 and is proud to have served in leadership positions at the local, state, national, and international levels. Within months of joining the local Redford (Michigan) chapter, Jay took on the role of Membership Vice President, supporting the chapter through a serious crisis, and helping to re-establish the legitimacy of the organization.

In 2011, Jay was elected local chapter president where he helped grow the membership from 36 to 57, launched two new community gardens, and developed a crisis team to manage issues in the community, receiving recognition from JCI Michigan leadership. In 2012, Jay was asked to step up to JCI Michigan’s Board of Directors as Corporate and Government Relations Director. In 2014, Jay served as the 90th President of JCI Michigan , leading a substantial organizational transformation aimed at long-term strategic viability. .. [Read more]


2020 National Vice President – Member Relations

Trey Jenkins joined the Cayce-West Columbia Jaycees in March of 2010. In 2011 Trey stepped up to serve as Chaplain for the chapter and became more active by attending state meetings and events. In 2012 and 2013 Trey served as the chapter Community VP while also serving as the State Camp Hope Program manager in 2013.

Trey attended his first National Meeting in 2013 in Seattle, WA, and has attended all national events except for two since then. In 2014 Trey served the Cayce-West Columbia Jaycees as chapter president and the state being elected chairman of local presidents. In 2015 Trey joined the state board serving as a State VP. In 2016 he served the SC Jaycees as Membership VP and followed as Admin VP in 2017. In 2018 Trey had the honor of serving as SC State President. [Read more]


2020 National Vice President – Communications

Miranda Williams currently serves as the 2019 Chairman of the Board for the Mississippi Jaycees. She is also JCI USA’s 2019 Program Manager, for Shoot For Success.Miranda’s past roles include: 2018 State President, JCI Mississippi, Local Membership Vice President, Local Chapter President, Dixie Advisor, and National Awards Committee. Miranda is also a JCI certified trainer for Impact and Achieve.

Miranda joined JCI Mississippi in 2011, in search of opportunities to be involved in the community and build her professional career. She quickly became part of the local committee and looked for ways to be involved. Her first event to chair was for disaster relief assistance after an E4 tornado damaged much of her town. The Hattiesburg Jaycees raised over $30,000 with fundraisers and through the help of the USA Jaycee Foundation to help meet the needs of the citizens in the community.
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2020 National Vice President – Partnerships

Danielle Fields was asked to charter a local Jaycee chapter in her hometown of Milledgeville, GA in 2014.

Since then, she has served as founding local chapter president, State Vice President of Membership and Community Development, State President-Elect, and currently as the 89th State President of Georgia.

Danielle is passionate about working together as chapters and states to grow membership and serve at a greater capacity.  In Georgia, she has rebuilt a strong chapter network and works diligently to bring members together to challenge each other to always continue pursuing leadership development and service opportunities.
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2020 National Vice President – Advancement (Sponsorhips)

Joyce Andes-David joined JCI as a founding member of JCI North Jersey in July 2014 and played a critical role in chartering the first active chapter in New Jersey since 1996.  Although, being newly introduced to the JCI organization herself, she truly embraced the mission and vision of JCI by stepping up into her first project chairmanship a month after the Chapter’s founding.

From there, Joyce continued to step into leadership roles and helped in reviving the JCI New Jersey State Organization in 2015.  In 2017, Joyce served as the first elected State President since JCI New Jersey’s folding in 1996.  After a successful year as State President, Joyce then moved on to serving on the National level as the 2018 JCI USA Program Manager for Nothing But Nets and the 2019 JCI USA National Chaplain. [Read more]


2020 National Vice President – Chapter Relations

Margo joined the Cookeville Jaycees in 2014, and immediately jumped in with both feet to become an active, energetic member making a difference in her local Jaycee chapter. Co-chairing and eventually chairing successful events early in her Jaycee career. She held several chapter positions before becoming the Local Chapter President in 2017.

She also got involved with her state organization first serving as the Central Regional Director and Program Manager, and after holding other state offices going on to hold the prestigious position of Tennessee Jaycee President in 2018. She currently serves as 2019 Immediate Past President, Chaplin, and State Meeting Coordinator for the Tennessee Jaycees and the Anti-Bullying Committee Chair and Diversity Committee Co-Chair for JCI USA. [Read more]


2020 National Vice President – Impact (Recognition)

Anna Price joined the Greater Hickory Jaycees in 2006, in search of finding a group of like-minded individuals and to be more involved in her community. She quickly became a leader in her home chapter chairing many of the chapters largest projects.

Anna’s past roles include: 2018 State President, Membership Vice President, Regional Director and CPG Program Manager for JCI North Carolina; 2009 and 2014 Chapter President, Business Vice President, Individual Development Vice President, Treasurer, and Community Development Director for the Greater Hickory Jaycees; Regional Director for NC JCI Senate.  She has also served on the Communications and Marketing Committee for JCI USA.  [Read more]